Tiamat, the Anunakki Goddess Also Known as EVE!

EVE as envisioned by Nazim Artist http://www.nazimartist.com

EVE as envisioned by Nazim Artist http://www.nazimartist.com

There is an Ancient Alien Goddess named Tiamat whom the various authors of the bible have renamed, “Eve.” It is she that has been blamed unjustly for the “fall” of mankind when in actuality she should be blessed because without her we would not be here. The sole purpose for he being was to become fertile and bring forth the family of Man.

My research on the terraformers known as the Anunakki, unravels the notion of original sin because I propose that it was and is still a part of a grand conspiracy by both the patriarchs of old to suppress the Goddess every time she rose to power and a more modern patriarchal crusade that occurred starting around 10,ooo bc (more about this later).


My husband Nazim Artist did this wonderful portrait using me as his muse for this image, merging my role (as an actress) in a film called EVE (my co-stars were Christopher Lee and Robert Walker, Jr who is also one of my Star Trek (the original series) friends, famous for playing Charlie X, whilst I guest starred on the classic Trek episode entitled,  The Apple, which is a take off on a garden of Eden type story. In Eve, I play a bikini clad ‘jungle Goddess’ who survived a plane crash as a small child and was raised with the natives and animals in the Amazon. Interesting how some things in our lives foreshadow things that come together in our future.

You can see in this painting that there is also a subtle homage to Nazim’s and my involvement as producers along with my appearance in our award winning documentary film entitled, Femme Women Healing the World!

I am currently working on my new book entitled, Ancient Alien Goddesses which will incorporate much of the material I debuted in my talk by the same name that I gave at CONTACT in the DESERT, 8-11-14. I will have DVD’s soon of that talk. which will serve as a sample for what is to come in both this blog and the new book.

To set the tone to accompany this blog you might want to watch and listen to this musical presentation on YouTube

The heart of my work entitled Ancient Alien Goddesses centers around the Goddess Ninmah AKA Ninhursag, whom I propose is the Creatrix Goddess that genetically engineered ‘us’ by combining their own extraterrestial genetic material or their ‘essences,’ as the texts refer to it, with the genetic material from homo erectus, ancestor of modern Neanderthal,  to create the first successful prototype male and female human beings who were named Adam and Eve in the bible. The ancient texts refer to them as I will continue to do so as Adamu and Tiamat.

Ninmah Pregnant with Adamu

Ninmah Pregnant with Adamu

Ninmah is the unsung heroine who is THE Anunakki Goddess that I believe belongs at the top of the trinity consisting of Enki and his son, Ningishzidda who along with their half sister, Ninmah not only masterminded our genetic engineering, but actually did the ‘hands on’ medical work using genetic material from her half brother Enki, Homo Erectus, Ninmah herself, Enki’s wife Damkina and Enki’s son by Damkina, Ningishzidda.

Ninmah carried the zygote she genetically engineered in her own womb whom as I mentioned would be named Adamu. This is of great importance because she would, I suggest whilst he was growing in utero in her womb, be downloaded sacred messages straight into  his fetal tissue from Ninmah’s own life experiences (just as each of us received in untero from our own mothers). I believe Ninmah was able to download much of her past,  present and possibly even future wisdom when view time not in a linear way. She would be capable, I believe to also download all her own belief systems and training in life sciences directly into Adamu’s subconscious mind , whilst she carried him. This would most likely include memories from her home planet, Nibiru and it’s history, her own family tree consisting of her father, the then king named Anu , and all of her family that remembered and honored the peaceful times of equality (an epigenetic memory of Nibiru’s former egalitarian society before their nuclear wars) and also from the current reigning patriarchal society ruled by her father Anu.  The very patriarchy that was imposed upon the Goddesses of Nibiru because of the recent damage to their planets atmosphere and ozone layer, that occurred when their Nuclear wars took place. The texts tell us that 656,000 warring nations from Nibiru’s North and South used nuclear weapons to ostensibly nuke each other as a means to resolve their petty territorial disputes instead of egalitarian peaceful negotiations.  This shortsighted stupidity nearly wiped out the male population and also damaged the male sperm along with their volcano’s ability to spew ash into their atmosphere to help retain warmth as their planet traveled such long distances from the twin star system it orbited. (It is said that we/they have a twin sun to our own and that Nibiru orbits thru both suns solar system,

Nibiru, revolving around our Sun's binary subdwarf star, Nemesis, crosses into the Sun's inner planetary system between Jupiter and Mars, where Proto-Earth (Tiamat) once orbited.

Nibiru, acccording to some Ancient Alien Theorists revolves around our Sun’s binary subdwarf star, Nemesis, crosses into our Sun’s inner planetary system between Jupiter and Mars, where Proto-Earth (the planet named Tiamat) once orbited.

Anu (the reigning King of Nibiru) following the folly of their nuclear wars, ordered that the surviving men marry if they were not already married,  their half sisters and make them their primary wives. Their first son would be their heir but, also he demanded that they also take secondary wives and  have plenty of concubines too as they were virtually being asked to repopulate Nibiru. Emphasis was placed on having sons which is pure patriarchy and one can feel some of the women’s ire of having to be demoted behind their brothers. I suspect that in the past egalitarian society on Nibiru, talent and merit were placed in front of gender. These surviving women were turned into variable breeding machines, (incubators) for the Niberan men who later on Earth became known as Anunakki, but we will refer to them whilst they are on Nibiru as Niberans.

Many of these birth goddess women were admired to the point of worship and perhaps also thought to be fertility Goddesses. We can imagine the riches and rewards they received but we can also only imagine the toll that constantly breeding like this would have on them. The question of the state of their sperm here is also fascinating  because it is my contention that the women of Nibiru could re-produce quite easily parthenogenetically, which means without the need for sperm or sexual intercourse at all. I have found in my research that the Niberan women had a recessive XY allele whereas Earth women for the most part have XX. Komodo dragons have been said to give birth to males when the need arrises without the help of a male!  Our famous virgin birth story of course is Mother Mary, but Buddha was said to have come into the world parthenogenetically as well. Women are capable of far more then we know. Isn’t it time that all limits were removed from us? First we have to remove them ourselves and set ourselves free to the infinite potential the multiverse offers. Everything that can hold us back or set us free lives within us in both conscious and subconscious belief systems. More on that in another chapter.

NOTE from CY: At this point I would like to share that my husband the artist Nazim and I produced an award winning documentary film entitled, Femme Women Healing the World (the cover image of his painting contained in this post is, as I said an homage to this film which you can stream at the website embedded here) but I also am featured, as one of the Femme speakers and in Femme I share  how important it is for mothers today to be aware and fully conscious at least during the 9 months before their babies birth. This 9 month period forms a solid foundation for the rest of the child’s life and epigenetically thereafter, because we now know that everything the mother eats, thinks, does is being downloaded into the fetal tissue. But here I would like to expand the biology of the belief of this statement to include that all that is going on around the birth mother, where ever she may be,  is also being downloaded so  epigenetically from the beginning of time sentient beings all over the cosmos are sharing their collective consciousness with us generation after generation, no matter where we are in this biological entity we call the multiverse. This downloading takes place on two levels, the ‘epigenetic’ level and on both the paternal (nuclear DNA) level and the maternal or mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA ) level which is passed from mother to daughter (males inherit it but cannot pass it on) in an unbroken line, from not only our own genesis as a race but our Ancient Alien gods and goddesses, ancestors/creator/ creatrix energies and other terraformers in the cosmos, as well.

Ninmah and Enki, with beakers and Ninmah’s umbilicus-cutter between them and the winged disk symbol of Nibiru, and in this case, the Nibiran genome above them, prepare zygotes for a locally-adapted Homo Sapien

Ninmah and Enki, with beakers and Ninmah’s umbilicus-cutter between them and the winged disk symbol of Nibiru, and in this case, the Nibiran genome above them, prepare zygotes for a locally-adapted Homo Sapien

Ninmah compassionately carried in her own womb the zygote she genetically engineered,  in copper/clay vessels, which she blended with the genetics of an Erectus woman (whom Enki found to be especially compassionate because when Enki set out traps to ensnare various animals so he could study them, the Apewoman would release them from their traps.

He found the perfect donors for Erectus’s essence which would be mixed with Enki’s (who was her half brother and also the essence from his son Nigishzidda, (whose mother was Damkina)

Nigishzidda did the implantation himself. You can imagine how proud his teacher/doctor Ninmah must have been of her protege. We can also  imagine the akashic record and education this fetal tissue gestating in Ninmah’s womb received,  prior to birth because of Ninmah’s vast knowledge as well as her caring and compassionate nature?

This first successful birth of the hybrid being, Adamu, blended and merged heaven (Nibiru) and Mother Earth, in one sentient being and this was a crowning achievement for Ninmah and her cohorts.

How comfortable are we now in proclaiming that this genius, the Goddess Ninmah created ‘man’ in her image?  I am very comfortable with this knowledge as it makes perfect sense. She is the only one of these 3 cast of characters who is the expert in life sciences. Enki was expert and educated in architecture, physics and engineering, whilst his half brother the domineering Earth Commander, Enlil who usurped Enki’s birthright just by being born from the loins of Anu’s primary wife (Antu) had been trained exclusively in military matters.  Enlil didn’t care about life on Earth. He cared about conquering and controlling it and taking as much from it as he wanted. Nigishzidda was being trained to assist both he and Ninmah.

It is quite clear to me and makes sense that Enki and his son (the father, the son) and Ninmah (the holy spirit) are the true holy trinity responsible for jump starting, through genetic engineering the beings they called “Apeman and Apewoman” into our human race. A race created to work for the  gods and goddesses who were assigned to live on planet earth primarily to mine gold and do any work the Anunakki didn’t wish to do themselves. But they were also sent here to get our of Anu’s way so that he and his rule could not be usurped by any of them and their future offspring. However we, it seems from the texts, were created as a worker race! I believe that the word worship  was highjacked because it morphed out of the very action that we were created to do day in and day out for them…which amounts to “WORK-ship!”  We the 99% are still work-shipping these very same blood lines who remain in control through a specific bloodline passed down from the patriarchal Anunakki. But keep in mind there is still a bloodline based on caring and compassion through Enki and Ninmah that is still here in I believe our mtDNA. (remember men inherit it too but simply cannot pass it but they can feel it in their feminine side, or caring compassionate yin side. And once the men and women who comprise the majority of the 99%, wake up to it and experience or envision was real equality is all about for all genders, races, creeds and colors, we will see the paradigm shift to an egalitarian society. When this takes place perhaps even full disclosure can take place at long last when it is safe for these beings to appear again. Remember they have a point of view as well and I am certain that the idea of space based weaponry terrifies them for the ramifications to the cosmos are way beyond our knowledge. The Anunakki know all to well what nuclear and advanced weapons can do to the fabric of time and space and more often than not just as we are doing today proceeded to orchestrate big doings that would have a devastating and lasting effect.

The sophistication of the genetic engineering program done under the directorship of Ninmah,  the chief medical officer,  who had brought with her from Nibiru 50 female medical assistants, some of whom would later be recruited voluntarily as birth Goddesses to further assist Ninmah in the creation of the work force and all of Ninamah’s  work at her laboratory in Africa which included wine and beer making and a whole pharmacopeia of healing plants, flowers and herbs.

Altering DNA, said Enki, we can adapt the Nibiran genome with some genes from Erectus to make mine workers.

Altering DNA, said Enki, we can adapt the Nibiran genome with some genes from Erectus to make mine workers.

Ninmah did indeed give birth to the first (let’s just say first successful prototype) male homo sapien sapien baby and in the texts as interpreted by various noted Ancient Alien Theorists, we find these words,.“To a male child Ninmah birth was giving. Enki the boy child held in his hands, the image of perfection was he.  He slapped the newborn on his hindparts; the newborn uttered proper sounds.  He handed the newborn to Ninmah. {and she proudly held him up and said} ‘My hands have made it!’ victoriously she shouted.” [ZS, Wars 138 – 139]

Adamu was born with a beautiful mahogany (reddish brown) skin tone, and black hair,  but Adamu also had a surprise for eveyone in attendance at this glorious birth; he sported foreskin which the Nibiran men did not have! We can now surmise where the tradition of circumcision came from; men would decide it would be better to emulate how the Anunakki gods looked rather than have their penis look like Erectus’s private parts! This is why we see this tradition in the Abrahamic faiths that all came out of the Sumerian writings before they ever saw the light of day in other translations.

Adamu, once fully grown would stand  in height to say the navel of the very tall Anunakki who were referred to as ‘giants or Nephilim’ in the bible, as they stood some say, between 8 and 12 feet tall. We all remember the Goliath story, right? Perhaps he was a direct descendant of an Anunakki god and goddess. We have honored those who commit violent acts such as David who beheaded Goliath, all in the name of a god. It was deemed ok to commit murder, adultery and steel if the god ordered it..what a contradiction we have been forced to live with.

All this genetic engineering that Ninmah was doing leads us to wonder how the first female would come into being. And that again would be at the direction of Ninmah. Can you see how she  not only joined genes together but she also enjoined her own ‘genius’ in them!

Ningishzidda was instructed to implant another zygote which had been prepared  by Ninmah, using Adamu’s essence for a zygote which was put into Enki’s wife (Damkina, the daughter of Alalu by one of his concubines) and then when it grew to a viable hybrid female fetus, Ninmah again delivered the baby girl from Damkina’s womb, via C-Section. (C-section babies not being born vaginally do not receive, the healthy micro biome that a vaginal birth provides babies both then and now. But Damkina would breast feed the baby and nurture her just as Ninmah did with Adamu. I also contend that the act of breast feeding conveys far more than mere nourishment but also direct heart to heart communication and further downloads of vital information. But also creates a bond between mother and child that lasts forever. Ninmah would educate  both Adamu and Tiamt and all the life forms she was part of engineering, as they all would live with her in her beautiful abode in Africa. And yes that would even include their failures. If they engineered something that had life essence she did not euthanize it. She nurtured them all and they were well cared for and loved at her beautiful compound.

Ninmah named the newborn hybrid baby girl ,Ti-Amat (Mother of Life). Tiamat is also the same name of the big watery, planet that was hit by one of Nibiru’s moons (‘Evil Wind’) and there were actually two impacts to the planet Tiamat on successive orbits of Nibiru. These impacts it is said, helped to seed Earth (the former Tiamat which suffered a huge gauge in her side) with life forms from the planet Sitchin refers to as the 12th Planet or Nibiru.  (Nibiru is 8 to 10 times larger than Earth).


On one of Nibiru’s orbital perigees around Solaris (four billion years ago), one of Nibiru's moons slammed into Tiamat and gouged out huge chunks. These chunks of Tiamat careened into space.  We call the gouge in Tiamat where Nibiru’s moon hit "the Pacific Basin," the chunks of Tiamat  "asteroids and comets," and the remainder of Tiamat "Earth".

On one of Nibiru’s orbital perigees around Solaris (four billion years ago), one of Nibiru’s moons slammed into Tiamat and gouged out huge chunks. These chunks of Tiamat careened into space. We call the gouge in Tiamat where Nibiru’s moon hit “the Pacific Basin,” the chunks of Tiamat “asteroids and comets,” and the remainder of Tiamat “Earth”.

When "Evil Wind,” one of Nibiru’s moons hit Tiamat, no crust remained in the Pacific Gap, on what is now Earth only a gaping hole. This impact by Nibiru’s Moon created our Pacific Basin.

When “Evil Wind,” one of Nibiru’s moons hit Tiamat, no crust remained in the Pacific Gap, on what is now Earth only a gaping hole. This impact by Nibiru’s Moon created our Pacific Basin.



We hear often the idea of seeding planets with life  by other terraformers, referred to as “panspermia.

 Directed panspermia refers to a theory of exogenesis that involves the sentient, purposeful seeding of life throughout the cosmos.

Directed panspermia refers to a theory of exogenesis that involves the sentient, purposeful seeding of life throughout the cosmos.

Tiamat was said to be born a fair skinned-blonde, blue eyed infant just like the Nibiran girls were said to look like. [Tellinger, Slave Species: 452]

Blue-eyed male and female Sumerian statues.

Blue-eyed male and female Sumerian statues.



There may have been a little more diversity in the men from Nibiru but the texts are not specific about this. Keep in mind the limited access that Nibiru had to both their Suns rays would have caused their skin to thin and whiten in order to allow for more Vitamin D and folic acid to penetrate their dermis, whilst our African ancestors had thicker darker skin to protect from too much Vitamin D. The human race’s skin thinned as we migrated over thousands of years to colder more Northern climates.

We can assume that men and women from Nibiru and other planets that could support life ,somewhat as we know it always had a wide range of skin, hair and eye coloring, including the anomaly of red hair, green eyes, black hair and blue eyes due to some genetic variations from various other terraformers colonizing our solar system and from mutations as well.

The Garden of Diversity in how we human’s look!

The Garden of Diversity in how we human’s look!

Tiamat would have inherited Enki’s wife, Damkina’s mtDNA (she was the former king, Alalu’s daughter) but most likely Tiamat would not have inherited the special recessive XY allele that Nibiran women had which I mentioned earlier but, I will share more about this and parthenegenesis (virgin birth) in a future chapter of Ancient Alien Goddesses. However Tiamat, I believe would have received, just as Adamu had, all the knowledge of the akashic record that  Damkina would share as well as Ninmah who was constantly present and doting over  all of her birth mothers, And I propose they both could very well have  downloaded this information, just like all other mothers do to this very day to Tiamat (and Adamu) in uteru. But Tiamat would also have downloaded all that which was going on around Damkina in her home, the gardens and lab where she as a tiny zygote had been surgically implanted into Damkina’s womb.

Damkina also had to contend with the fact that her husband Enki whom she was married off to for political reasons by his father Anu was also in love with Ninmah his former fiance, (also his half sister by one of his fathers 6 secondary wives). To make matters worse Enlil (her half brother) was said to be in love with her too! Enki especially knew that a male heir born from Ninmah would usurp Enlil’s line but Ninmah and Enki bore daughters. Some say that both Ninmah and Enlil had the same mother but I disagree because they had had a brief affair on Nibiru  when Ninmah was so distraught, following Enki and Ninmah’s broken betrothal by their father King Anu. This liaison resulted in the birth of a son who would be known as Ninurta. I contend that Enlil raped her as we would see him later do to one Ninmah’s medical goddesses whose name was Sud. Anu would not take his daughter Ninmah’s dalliance with Enlil  lightly as he is said to have forbade Ninmah to ever marry as a result of this violation of his trust. But the lives of Anu’s 3 children by different mothers would set us all on a course that affects us to this very day and it is full of intrigue. There is much we can read between the lines and surmise. It’s time to weave “her-story” into what we call “his-story,” so that we can at last have “our- story.”

It was of critical importance, since Ninmah and Enki had been deprived of marriage I believe for them to make this new hybrid couple, Adamu and Tiamat, fertile so that they could become Enki and Ninmah’s start to their own very special family, the family that they were not aloud to have due to the cancellation of their betrothal. But these star crossed lovers would give man and woman the ability to reproduce themselves naturally and create for them a kind of an extended family.

Ribbing Adamu and Tiamat both under anesthesia in order to upgrade the first two protoype’s so that they would be able to reproduce and go forth to populate Mother Earth.

Ribbing Adamu and Tiamat both under anesthesia in order to upgrade the first two protoype’s so that they would be able to reproduce and go forth to populate Mother Earth.

To cause that to happen Ninmah who was training Ningishzidda in medicine, had him anesthetize herself, along with Enki, Adamu and Tiamat and perform a little DNA extraction surgery.  “From the rib of Enki the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Adamu the life essence he inserted.  From the rib of Ninmah the life essence he extracted; into the rib of Ti-Amat the life essence he inserted”. This does sound a lot like the Adam and Eve story from “The Book” doesn’t it? But we can see how we got Enki’s paternal or nuclear DNA and Ninmah’s mitochondrial DNA which I contend is of critical importance today in allowing for the activation of this beautiful genetic connection to our Ancient Alien Goddesses ancestors who I believe hold the keys to not only the long life genetic but the peace genetic as well. Now we know or at least get a sense that a God did not do this, the Goddess Ninmah genetically master planned it and Ninmah executed this plan with help from her beloved half brother and sometimes lover, Enki and his son Ningishzidda, the father, the son and the holy Goddess Ninmah!

Let us not forget that Enki and Nigishzidx had no ability or training to do this. Medicine and healing was woman’s work and Ninmah was the chief medical officer both on Nibiru and planet Earth. Nigishzidda along with her 50 female medical assistants which Ninmah brought with her from Nibiru (along with the genetic material for wine, beer and the recipe on how to make it, domestic animals and agricultural  plants for both our eating and feeding the animals, medicinal plants and flowers for both beauty, their oils, and their healing potential) And she had a huge contingent that was taking their orders and training from Ninmah,  Think of Ninmah like the chief of staff in a major hospital today only she also designed all the procedures and the medicines from the materials she brought with her.

Ningishziddat when he had followed Ninmah’s  surgical instructions perfectly and he  upgraded Adamu and Tiamat to make them capable of breeding, he was so excited he declared, ‘To their Tree of Life two branches have been added, with procreating powers their life essences are now entwined.’” [ZS, Enki: 148]



Out of fear of the wrath of the violent and volatile patriarch, Enlil; Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda had to keep secret how  they had surgically inserted  Ninmah and Enki’s essence into Tiamat and Adamu.  And Tiamat and Adamu stayed in Enki’s Persian Gulf orchard, while Tiamat’s and Adamu’s newly conceived fetus gestated in Tiamat’s womb. She, I am certain would have been instructed by Ninmah how to whisper the messages of love and the akashic record to her own unborn child.

Anima Mundi by Nazim Artist

Anima Mundi by Nazim Artist


Tiamat made leaf-aprons for herself and Adamu because they were both now ‘self-conscious’ for the first time. They no longer  had just their subconscious mind that they had been born with, which operated much like that of our animal kin, they now had the ability to be self aware and not just react with their autonomic nervous system driving them and triggering the hormones that cause the fight or flight or rest and repose response but now they would really start to be like the  Anunakki trinity that engineered them or as we have said, made them in their image. They would also be influenced by the other Anunakki that they interacted with whilst being raised by Ninmah, Damkina and the other Goddesses . But it is true that they would be expelled from the beauty of Eden by the hateful and vengeful Enlil.

To use the word creation in this or any other genesis story is not really accurate because nothing can really be created nor destroyed as Einstein tells us. It can only be transformed into some other form of energy .  The transformation of Adamu and Tiamat from clones to reproductive conscious beings what done with the expertise of Ninmah who trained Nigishzidda’s to under anestesia  make Tiamat and Adamu fully conscious and reproductively fertile. This would be the turning point because after the next set of clones (7 boys and 7 girls born from Ninmah’s medical assistants (birth Goddesses) were sent to work the mines to work, all the future workers who would be born on Earth would have reproduction abilities of their own. This occurred because Ninmah refused to let her birth Goddesses do this again. The C-sections took too much out of them. We see again the compassion demonstrated by Ninmah when the other’s wished to see this experiment repeated again. When Tiamat then became pregnant by the awakening of Adamu and Tiamat’s new consciousness this became the beginning of our human race.

Tiamat’s pregnancy is only the beginning of our story, as we will continue to see when I have more installments of Ancient Alien Goddesses to share with you!

A special thanks to the website Enki Speaks, Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger and may more Ancient Alien Theorists who have all helped me to bring the important information regarding the Ancient Alien Goddesses to the world!

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  1. This is fantastic to read! You are the only Ancient Alien Theorist to write about the Ancient Alien Goddesses! Thank you, Celeste! I have researched Enheduana and made a documentary (on Youtube) without mention of Acient Alien perspective, though I did know of Zechharia Sitchin at that time and had been in contact with him. I’m so sorry not to have quizzed him more back then. I am now ready to do another documentary about Enheduana including the Ancient Alien Goddess perspective. I’d love to connect with you and exchange information!

  2. thanks Celeste for your speedy response and for sharing the link- I am very familiar with this awesome book and have met the author 🙂 I will look at that chapter again! All the best with your work!

    • Happy to help and if you would like to interview me for your book we could work that out too. My book on my work with the AA Goddesses got sidelined due to my recent diagnosis and surgery for Stage 3 Ovarian/primary peritoneal cancer. But I have so much in my head! (LOL)

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