“Ancient Alien Goddesses, Her-Stories Revealed,” by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

The following is a taste of what I will share with you here at my Ancient Alien Goddesses blog, as well as in my work in progress book entitled, Ancient Alien Goddesses and my upcoming workshops and talks.

Here we will take a timeline journey over hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of years both off planet and on Mother Earth and explore our mitochondrial DNA connection to the Ancient Alien Goddesses that unites all living women as sisters and connects us to Mitochondrial Eve in Africa because it is my hypothesis that this mtDNA connection came to Earth via the Anunakki goddesses who from heaven to Earth came along with their male counterparts, from a planet called Nibiru.


We will meet Ninmah the Anunakki, Goddess and Chief Medical Officer whose specialty was the life sciences. She is THE great Goddess who becomes known by many names throughout the mists of time, such as Ninharsag, Ninti, Mammi, Hathor, Isis, Athena, Minerva who. along with her half brother Enki and his son by his half sister Ereshkigal, Ningishzidda who played active roles in this genetic experiment, but let us not forget that Ninmah was the doctor in charge or chief medical officer. Ninmah trained Ningishzidda and had the wherewithal to implement a plan that she and Enki hatched together that Enki has been credited with far too long.

Ninmah Pregnant with Adamu

Ninmah Pregnant with Adamu

It was none other than Ninmah, whose role was that of the true Creatrix, the actual genetic engineer of the homo sapiens sapiens species that we all belong to today.

Ningishzidda and Enki face Ninmah.  She holds Adamu, the hybrid Nibiran/Homo Erectus that Ninmah carried in her own womb.  "My hands have made it! victoriously she shouted."

Ningishzidda and Enki face Ninmah. She holds Adamu, the hybrid Nibiran/Homo Erectus that Ninmah carried in her own womb. “My hands have made it! victoriously she shouted.”


We will meet the first pair of human beings  known by us as Adam and Eve who were actually named Adamu (whom Ninmah carried in her own womb) and Tiamat (whom Enki’s wife carried in her womb). We will learn what these first two people looked like, how they lived and who their offspring were.

Artist’s vision of Adam and Eve however they would have looked quite different in actuality.

Artist’s vision of Adam and Eve however they would have looked quite different in actuality.

I hope to connect the dots that lead us back directly to our being related to them to this very day through our feminine mtDNA  which came from off planet with the Ancient Alien Goddesses themselves. We will also learn how patriarchy came to be via a series of catastrophic events on Nibiru that caused the loss of a huge percentage of the Nibiruan male population and damaged many of the surviving males sperm.

Anunakki Figurines

Anunakki Figurines












Ninmah and Enki, with beakers and Ninmah’s umbilicus-cutter between them and the winged disk symbol of Nibiru, and in this case, the Nibiran genome above them, prepare zygotes for a locally-adapted Homo Sapien

Ninmah and Enki, with beakers and Ninmah’s umbilicus-cutter between them and the winged disk symbol of Nibiru, and in this case, the Nibiran genome above them, prepare zygotes for a locally-adapted Homo Sapiens Sapiens

I will share my own personal experiences in what I call quantum entangling with the key Anunakki goddesses, by accessing the frequency of theta, where I also read between the lines of  what has been written and has been hidden from us by Patriarchy through the ages.And speaking of patriarchy, back on Mother Earth it was lack of the scientific facts of life, according to Julia Stonehouse author of Idol’s to Incubator’s and the new Ebook, Father’s Seed, Mother’s Sorrow, the rise of patriarchy occurred because historically around  3,000 BC things began to change drastically for women and remained so all the way up until 1900 AD. During this period in history a major shift to a patriarchal society occurred almost all over the world at just about the same time, which is as dramatic as a polar shift might be if one occurred in our lifetimes. This shift made women second class citizens with the exception of an isolated island population here or there for the next 5,000 years. It was declared through what was called science in its day that there was only one seed of life and it was found in the male’s testes. The woman, our fore-mothers were just the fertile or infertile soil that the male planted his seed into. A very telling example of a quote which was said to have been written In 350 BC was from the ancient Greek, Aristotle, who influenced thinking for thousands of years by saying according to Ms. Stonehouse: “The male semen cooks and shapes menstrual blood into a new human being”. I think it was a given that even Aristotle would admit that it would be the woman that would nourish the male seed and nurture it, with her body but she would not be considered its parent.  Apparently not one woman mourned the passing of Aristotle. The distinction of being the creator of life belongs exclusively to males. Every imaginal, pseudo scientific reason was dragged into play through the ages, such as Aristotle’s menstrual blood analogy, in order for the male of the human species to dominate and control where his seed was planted.  The research from science is staggering as they propose every which way a man does this. It was thought that even an education would weaken a women so much so that it would render her less of a baby making machine. As author Julia Stonehouse shares in her landmark fist book, Idols to Incubators, Reproduction theory through the ages,  the status women enjoyed once as idols was reduced to basically being just the babies incubator for the father’s seed. I highly recommend that you read her book as well as the new EBook entitled Father’s Seed, Mother’s Sorrow. I also recommend Ms. Stonehouse’s excellent article, on The Good Men Project website, entitled, Is This the End of the Patriarchy. 

To truly understand the road less traveled by a few brave souls who tried to overturn this dictum with some compelling science, everything from threat of death or ridicule would follow.  Think of it this way, why would the good ole’ boys want to give up complete control over what he thought to be exclusively, his children? Besides that,  as Julia Stonehouse points out, only male children were of value and females were dead ends, and the veritable end of a male line and therefore worthless. Now perhaps we can understand why we see certain dress codes enforced for women in many parts of the world. The male had to make certain that all other males were kept away from their women. Why? Because how else could paternity be insured? She, in many parts of the world would not have any rights in divorce or death of her spouse to keep her children. The Children belonged to the father and/or his family.

As we examine human rights violations the world over  that still exist today such as female circumcision, abortion of female fetus’s, although illegal, because of the patriarchal desire for male heirs in India and elsewhere, deaths and or disappearances of newborn infant girls in China, to every other atrocity perpetrated against women all over the world, including human sex trafficking. It is known that in certain parts of the world a box was kept next to the birthing bed with tools to be used to the help the midwife murder an infant daughter.

Up to and around 10,000 BC , according to Ms. Stonehouse, this was the time period that gave women 100% responsibility for life. Intercourse, it was thought virtually had nothing to do with the making of babies and men had no say over female sexuality.

It would be Julia Stonehouse who would lead me on a path of discovery in her 2 books, that demonstrated that the matrilineal way of life continued from 10,000 BC to approximately 3000 BC where we would still find the idea that the female contains the seed of life in her womb. Men were given some recognition in this time period because they collectively concluded that men watered a seed found within women with their semen, however women were still thought to be the source of the seed of life and again men did not have a say in women’s sexuality.


We would not learn here in the Western world of the science that was daring to explore the role of the female ovum, (although found to be valid for fruit flies, and garden peas, etc.,) that without a doubt, women were 50-50 partners with men, in the creation of human life would not be understood nor accepted in scientific circles until 1900 AD. But it would not be until 1960 with the publication of a book called Ovum Humanum: Its Growth, Maturation, Nourishment, Fertilization and Early Development by Dr. Landrum Brewer Shettles ( Hafner Pub. Co.,) that the facts that would set the record straight would be shown photographically. We all know now scientifically that there are 23 chromosomes in the head of the sperm (one of which determines the sex of the child possibly becoming a male because of the xy chromosomes) and that there are an equal  23 chromosomes within the nucleus of the ovum (none of which determines any other sex but female because women carry xx chromosomes with a few exceptions).

Scientists upon this 2 seed 2 sex equal partner discovery, quickly buried down the rabbit hole some 5000 years of patriarchal (father rule) domination, tyranny and control of virtually every aspect of women’s lives, from inheritance of property, to any rights what so ever. We can only give respectful pause and reflect on these very facts that caused the head of many queen to roll for not bearing some man or some king a male heir.

Pestle, Petal, Plume by Nazim Artist

Pestle, Petal, Plume by Nazim Artist

This treatment of women and girls through the ages is a very brutal and violent legacy that we all carry epigenetically to this very day. I call it an epigenetic hangover because society is still sick with this drunken use of patriarchal power in many parts of the world. What is meant by the word epigenetic? In a nut shelf the context in which I am proposing this idea is basically that which rises above the genome. It is what we carry with us from generation to generation, call it emotional baggage but it also affects our health on a body, mind and spirit level and it may result in how we behave today. Epigenetic’s is not our DNA genetic blue print of say dark hair or blue eyes, etc. It belongs to a field of study all its own.

Doing your own research by delving into the writing of Julia Stonehouse of what actually took place for women over this period of time may be for many like opening a deep wound and letting it bleed out, however as we said in that now famous ad campaign from years ago, “We’ve come a long way, baby.” And understanding what has happened brings it into the light of day and helps us heal collectively.

My own research through the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, Janet and Sasha Lessin, Gerald Clark, Christian O’Brian, Lawrence Gardner and many, many more now leads me off planet to Nibiru where I see patriarchy rose its ugly head hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago, due to the nuclear wars that took place between the factions of the North and South Nibiruan’s against one another and then the ridiculous act of nuking their own volcano’s to cause ash to spewed into their ozone layer which had holes opening up in it from the nuclear blasts and various wars that caused ecological catastrophes that took place with the same mentality of domination we see patriarchy sponsor here on Mother Earth, the expression as above so below continues to come to mind as I study this material ushered in by the horse back riding patriarchal info-europeans.

It seems on Nibiru after their own nuclear holocaust many men were wiped out and wee dying in droves, those that survived had damaged sperm and the women faired better. There were far more women than men and they were needed to help rebuild the male population on Nibiru.  Women even queens were valuable assets but instead of ruling side by side with their husbands they instead became breeders and were worn out, exhausted and lost their spirit. I think many of these women remembered a time of equality between the men and women of Niburu and some probably longed for this way of life to return whilst others enjoyed being worshiped along with the ‘perks’ of that worship in being reduced to breeding machines or as Julia Stonehouse would say, mere incubators. I feel there were two very different types of Nibiran women and this is where perhaps the division came from that ended up on Earth between the Enlilite and Enkiite men and women. I see clearly from the writings of Sitchin and others that that old monster the “seed” theory was very much alive but I think they lacked the sophisticated knowledge or perhaps had forgotten that a woman didn’t just carry the male seed from her father but rather as we know it today actually carried her own brand of DNA called mtDNA which women pass from mother to daughter all the way back here on Earth to mtEVE in Africa but now as I hypothecate back to Nibiru. I don’t think they knew that women could not pass their father’s seed, only men can pass their nuclear DNA. Or perhaps that seed was all they cared about. However one of the earlier queens on Nibiru instituted a double seed theory of her own when a child by a lesser wife or concubine would inherit everything she proclaimed that her child although born later had the double seed. The elders believed this and so her son was promoted to succession. We see this happen quite naturally to Enki who was Anu’s first born when Antu’s firstborn Enlil usurped Enki and of course all males trumped females.

I further contend that Ninmah learned this secret mitochondrial information but purposefully withheld it as she saw the danger of father rule or patriarchy with these warring bloodline, seed, obsessed Anunakki relatives of hers. I suggest that the way she learned about it was by downloading from the Adamu whom she carried in her womb the Akashic record of our hominid ancestors just Adamu downloaded in his own fetal tissue the Akashic record of the Anunakki and the terraformers who came before them. You see all female mammals carry the mtDNA of their mother and know on a cellular level of their deep and profound connection to all life on planet Earth. I believe Ninmah also shared this information with Damkina so that this breakthrough knowledge could be downloaded to Tiamat via Tiamat’s fetal tissue and therefore download this Akashic record directly into the cellular matrix of Damkina. Therefore these two birth goddesses who carried the first homo sapiens sapiens had a secret knowing that the so-called ‘gods’  of old or Anunakki had no knowledge of and this knowledge is within all women today and merely needs to be ignited and re-awakened. When Ningishzidda learned from his and Ninmah’s DNA research that the Nibiran women have a recessive XY chromosomal allele in their genotype whereas Tiamat had only XX, the team could then make the necessary medical interventions to cause Tiamat to become fertile which allowed Adamu to impregnate her and thus they became the first fertile human couple.  Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda needed to hide how they’d altered Ti-Amat so therefor she and Adamu stayed in Enki’s Persian Gulf orchard, while her fetus gestated.

There is so much work that needs to be done today  right here on Mother Earth to upgrade women to being equals with men and basically achieve gender equality for all genders today and we need to what can be done now to right the inequity that remains within our current patriarchal system here on Earth and that is why I feel the film my husband and I produced entitled FEMME Women Healing the World calls upon us all both men and women (and all genders)  to act for  the changes we want now but do this with a forgiving heart. As T. S. Wiley states so eloquently in FEMME,  “I think punishing men because they had a long turn at the helm, I think punishing them because they’re just men, is beneath us.  I think as women, we always had enough power.  We’ll have more power, and those of us who know it should wield it with some mercy.” I’m for that as well, because we need men to be our allies and partners. It’s clear we need the Equal Rights Amendment to at long last be passed so that we women today, our daughters and granddaughters have equal rights constitutionally with men now and in the future.

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I will share in my book and my upcoming talks and workshops how there is an element known today in our DNA that shows signs of intentional, possible alien interference and  I juxtapose this against what is written on Sumerian Clay Tablets. What I ask of you is to open your mind and heart and simply ask yourself, could we be uncovering an aspect of our hidden Her-Story or just more mythology?

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