Just Say No to GMO!


After you watch the documentary film today which is free that I share below by using this link http://vimeo.com/80380054 and using this code: GMOs2014, I think those of you who are well studied in intervention theory according to Zecharia Sitchin and other authors, might begin to hypothesize as I am that there is a huge link to the introduction of genetic engineering done by Ninmah, Enki and Nigishzidda for the genetic upgrade that resulted in homo sapiens sapiens and the use of GMOs today. 

Remember Enki and Ninmah are the good guys who not only loved us but I think still love us and care about what happens to us. That is why Enki and Ninmah rescued us from the great deluge that Enki and Ninmah’s half brother Enlil wanted to have destroy us, by empowering Noah, Ziusudra with the how to build an ark/submersible along with Ninmah’s coffers filled full of DNA of plants and animals.


It seems extremely plausible to me that those factions that are represented in the 1% and the 99% are indeed the super wealthy, puppet masters, the descendants of the Enlilite Anunakki who are the 1%. And they to this day are bent on still holding and controlling the gold vs their hypnotized, slave race…us. I know those are strong words but when you examine what is being done, with genetic engineering and patenting of viruses like Ebola, with Big Pharma having a vaccine ready to cause the worst damage of all time, along with what is being done to food with genetic engineering, the highjacking of water and air..doesn’t it just seem like they want to keep an ever present ‘deluge’ of some sort along with their master planned wars of divide and conquer, ready to wipe out that extra billion people or so on the planet that annoy them… and threaten them?

They brought Genetic engineering 300,000 years ago to Earth from Nibiru and once again we have genetic engineering now but in the wrong hands. Not the hands of gentle Ninmah but in the hands of evil Enlil and his clan.


We need to awaken and share the awakening because 99% is a pretty big number and we have continued to annoy ’them’ by surviving. And how do we survive? By feeling the power of ONENESS rather than separation…it’s when we are separated that we are most vulnerable..look at how the top predators hunt…they separate a member of a herd from the rest.

Keep reading your Sitchin but read between the lines and note that the women are rising now and once we and all genders have equality that will truly end and bring down this Enlil Patriarchal model…keep in mind Enlil was/is a rapist..he raped the woman Sud who became his wife Ninlil. He has continued since he arrived to divide and conquer, hate women and create war and destruction in his one god, worship me or die paradigm.


Don’t let him continue to rape us and our planet and our cosmos ultimately by destroying but also controlling our food supply through seed ownership, because it is all about the gold just as it was in the beginning, so it it today. Only the evil empire of corporate greed such as Montsanto and their ‘lackies’ are the gold mines of today.

Just say no to GMO and be responsible for your self and your family and the Earth’s family by reading and learning and watching things that are not in the brainwashing, dumbing down mainstream. We are the gods and goddesses now and in the future.

Vote with your dollars on Tuesday so that we can put an end to this manipulative destructive madness that will effect the genes and epigenes of all life on this planet, including our babies!









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