Ancient Alien Panel at Conscious Life Expo


Many of you know that I have been under siege from stage 3 Ovarian/primary peritoneal cancer since my 8 hour emergency surgery in November of 2014.

When I was offered a chance to be on the Ancient Alien panel at the Conscious Life Expo and the opportunity to present my workshop for Ancient Alien Goddesses it gave me something wonderful to aim and look forward to as I went through the first two sessions of my 6 rounds of chemo. I asked my doctor if I could take 2 weeks off before my next chemo in order to feel well enough to be able to do these two presentations so soon after the surgery and the first two chemo sessions and he agreed.

Here is the video presentation of the entire Ancient Alien panel

2015-02-07 09.46.50

2015-02-06 22.19.34

2015-02-06 20.01.31

Unfortunately, 3 days following the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton I got very sick with a bronchitis bug that I must have picked up at the hotel and conference and landed back in the hospital in isolation.

2015-02-21 07.58.14

When you do chemo it can wipe out your white cells and cause you to go into what they call neutropenia and this is what happened to me so they put me in isolation. I still don’t regret pushing myself to do this as I feel representing the goddesses and empowering women anyway I can is so very important. I hope you enjoy the panel and if you’d like to read my full story I have covered it at my site here at word press and I also have a gofundme campaign as well.

You can visit the gofundme site here and please share it as I share the symptoms of ovarian/primary peritoneal cancer which is what I am dealing with in hopes that women everywhere can learn that these symptoms should be checked immediately as this type of cancer is virtually undetectable in routine exams.

If the spirit moves you to contribute to my gofundme campaign please know that even a $5 donation is very much appreciated as it helps me carry on. Loads of love to you all who support my work and my blog sites.

We have an Ancient Alien Goddesses Facebook page as well which you can check out and hopefully “like.”

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