I will be on the Ancient Alien Panel at Conscious Life Expo!

I hope everyone will come out and join us for this amazing panel!12642521_1100530023311694_5706217101468573210_n

We had a great time last year and now that I am done with surgeries,  & chemo and now doing my immunotherapy nearly every month in Grand Cayman at http://www.PerseusPCI.com I am feeling so much better I hope to meet many of you in person.  Last year I had to hibernate before and after as I had no immune system and was neutropoenic from the chemotherapy but this year so far I feel great!

I am not doing a booth or a workshop so this will be my chance to share the Goddess work  and meet you all in person.

Please use my special link to purchase your tickets or for the live stream as it will be of help to me if you do so. Many thanks in advance https://ey283.isrefer.com/go/2016CLE/tangokitties/

Loads of love from me to you all!

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