Would there still be God without Mrs. God?

Meet Mr, and Mrs God

My answer to the question asked in the title of this blog, is there would not!

The tiny sculptures pictured above were found in Israel and help us answer that question as they may very well be early images of a “Mr. and Mrs. God,” who were both worshipped equally in our ancient history.

I am an avid follower of the writing of the Hebrew scholar Zecharia Sitchin who’s first book created a massive paradigm shift entitled, The 12th Planet.


The 12th Planet was published in the late 70’s and like many other of Sitchin’s books virtually changed my life and filled in so many blanks in my personal belief systems.

This post requires a bit of background from Sitchin’s many books to fully appreciate the body of work he created regarding the Annunki, however this link will help those not familiar with Sitchin’s amazing body of work get a brief understanding.


There seem to be only a few  writers today, including myself who bravely challenge the status quo and wish to restore the Goddesses, the women throughout history both ancient and modern in order for us to assist the world to become an egalitarian place where all genders are created equal, where people can join their genius rather than there genes and create a partnership paradigm. A new consciousness, an ascendance if you will, that replaces patriarchy and the terror that it has imposed upon those it deems weaker and conquerable by force. It never worked obviously and it is not working now. The rule by force and domination/destruction is much like a virus that kills its host. Patriarchy, its industrial military complex and war games is the virus that is killing our living host, Mother Earth herself.

This handful of writers both male and female have been over many years attempting to include her-story to balance the very one sided history we see today, needs to be re-evaluated, re-explored and rewritten.  What a tragedy that so many archaeologists and historians have eraced the feminine face of God from our written history and physical archaeological sites.


Sites such as Gobekli Tepe and Catal Huyuk in today’s Turkey were very likely goddess-centric because there were no walls of fortification, nor weapons found there. See Riane Eisler’s landmark book, The Chalice and the Blade for more on that and many other cultures worldwide that share this type of egalitarian society.

I would add the writing of Julia Stonehouse to any list of authors sharing feminist views because her book “Fathers Seed, Mother’s Sorrow,” is one that I consider a must read. It deserves to be shared for a better understanding of why patriarchy replaced the gentle egalitarian societies of the Neolithic period and we learn in her wonderful book and her blog the reasons why this happened. Knowing these reasons allows us to forgive the patriarchs of yesterday and today and move forward.

Stonhouse calls this work appropriately,“Reproduction Theory,” however I will cover that issue more deeply in future blogs. She is the first to say that men are not violent by nature, they must be taught this way of life and this way of thinking however their mothers must share in this responsibility with their fathers. We can help change the world for the better if the 9 months of pregnancy is honored as a time when the pregnant woman can download directly into the fetal tissue growing insider her, messages of love and oneness. This is the message that I share in the film my beloved husband and partner Nazim Artist and I helped to produce entitled, Femme Women Healing the World.

What I want to do in this blog however is share my hypothesis which I deduced from studying the writings of Sitchin and also the excellent blog “Enki Speaks,” by Sasha Alex Lessin and his wife Janet Kira Lessin, both of which I have used as resources for my work along with others. I have put together what I think are the reasons that have not been brought forward or tapped into by anyone else, that I know of, as to why Enlil/Yahweh was able to rise to power and become the foundation for the monotheistic Abrahamic religions. However, let’s be clear that before this took place there were many gods and goddesses competing for supremacy and territory and this is also clear by the demand by YAHWEH, that “thou shalt have no other gods before me.” That certainly implies there was a very strong quest to land on top of the god and goddess heap and that occurred only by force and fear. People didn’t give up their gods and goddesses lightly they were forced to do so by the most violent of means.

From all the evidence in the Sitchin books, the Sumerian clay tables images-3and their various interpretations, we learn of a king on the planet Nibiru who rose to power very aggressively by being responsible for the ruling King’s death, whose name was Lahma and control was taken through a power grab that is his bloodline did not support. His name was Alalu and some know him as the face on Mars (which was incidentally carved by the Goddess Ninmah on her way to Earth with her 50 female doctor/goddesses in training in remembrance of Alalu who had been banished to Mars, story to follow).

You see Approximately 500,000 to 470,000 BC, the reigning KING Lahma WHO FOLLOWED the first king we have a record of whose name was An, (the lifespan of these beings was 400,000 to 500,000 of our earth years and each of their years was equal to 3,600 of ours here on Earth).

King Lahma had been given EXPLICIT advice from his savants, who told him, to nuke Nibiru’s volcanoes and/or send miners to the Asteroids and/or to Earth where gold was floating on the surface of the water to find this much needed metal SO THAT THEY COULD refine it into white powder of monatomic gold to float into Nibiru’s dwindling atmosphere and replace the lost ash that their volcano’s provided that protected their planet. BUT Lahma ignored the savants and instead headed his wife and queen, Lahama’s advice. She TOLD Lahma INSTEAD TO, “Beseech the Creator” and it was her advice that he listened to..he did indeed beseech the creator (NOT THE BEINGS WE NOW CALL THE ANUNAKKI who became worshipped as male gods but THE REAL creator/creatrix … he listened to his QUEEN, whom I propose was a truly spiritual ancient alien goddess who rejected violence and was co-regent on NIBIRU. This does also imply that the Anunakki had a religious belief  system that revolved around a creator/creatrix who is known by many names is ancient cultures however I call her as do many others, the Great Mother. Alalu deemed this to be a weakness and chased Alalu to his death with his bully followers, where he died from a fall from a hightower in their abode.

The usurpers name as I said was Alalu. The rightful heir was none other than Anu a descendant of An, whose wife was his half sister, Antu. It seems there had been a shortage of men on Nibiru following a catastrophic event, which I hypothesize was a nuclear war between the North and South territories on Nibiru. The women survived this holocaust much better than the males. The males that did survive had fertility problems and there were many more women then men. Today there are 60,000,000 more men than women on Earth due to gender selection and murder of unborn baby girls in certain countries that deem women as disposable possessions and are therefore not valuable. This is an untenable situation and a very dangerous one (to anyone who knows anything about animal husbandry it is a given there should always be slightly more females than males). This has been based on the male preoccupation and a very silly notion of the need to pass everything, their name, their blood line and their possessions through male heirs only.

King AN had imposed a military rule, a hierarchical, male-centered, patrilineal order, and issued special emergency decrees.  AN ordered men, “Take principle and secondary wives, official concubines too.”  His successors set the Law of Succession: when the King dies, his son with his father’s half-sister succeeds. Anu succeeds Alalu with a fight to the death that results in Alalu biting off Anu’s penis (and the fight between the two is needless to say, called off) and Alalu is therefore banished to Mars with his pilot..you just can’t make this material up. It is all epic in proportion.


Anu’s first born’s son Enki by a secondary wife whose name was Namma, secondary only because of the above decree because she was not a half sister to Anu.  I hypothesize the reason for that was to take advantage of a very special line of DNA now known as mtDNA, that their half sisters possessed. The holocaust caused them to want to double up on their own DNA with their half sister siblings.

“The Queen of Heaven, by Gavin White affirms what many have already said, that the very first religions of men were goddess-based religions.  But what is interesting about White’s thesis is that he links much of what was later attributed to the sun god and the consequent slew of male gods that came after had been originally attributed to the goddesses.  He proves this, beyond the literature, through the iconography of the times, from steles, to potteries to weavings. White’s thesis proclaims that Gilgamesh was the first authority figure to “kill” the goddess worship, by establishing a cult of the dead and hijacking the attributes of the goddess towards a ruling male god. In doing so, Gilgamesh also replaced the philosophy of life and regeneration with one of permanent death.

Here the story of Gilgamesh is also important (see “The King Who Refused to Die,” by Zecharia Sitchin) because he was said to be a demi-god and claimed that he was 2/3rd’s divine.Unknown-5 His Mother Ninsun was a full blooded Anunakki Goddess, his father was a mere earthling but she claimed to have been visited by Marduk who impregnated her in her sleep.  This makes some sense because for thousands of years patriarchy claimed to be the only parent because the seed of life was only found in men as Julia Storehouse points out.

Enki was known as the seed waterer.


And that women were just incubators for that seed to be planted in, not parents.

It was not until 1900 that things started to change and not until 1960 that the first photos of the sperm penetrating the egg could be seen with the photography of Landrum Shettles in his book entitled,

This photo of the process in which the two parent nuclei combine their genetic information originates in Landrum Brewer Shettles's Ovum Humanum, ...

This photo of the process in which the two parent nuclei combine their genetic information originates in Landrum Brewer Shettles’s Ovum Humanum, …

 Ovum Humanum. It was however in the early 50’s that the double helix structure of DNA and the understanding that one strand from the female egg and one strand from the male sperm recombine making the offspring a 50-50% image of its parents. Now these ancient claims make some sense because of the discovery that in addition to the DNA stored in the cells of both males and females in the double helix structure on the chromosome stems forming the cell’s nucleus there is another kinds of DNA that floats in the cell outside the nucleus. This is what is referred to as mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

 mtDNA comes only from the mother

mtDNA comes only from the mother

which was found to be transmitted only from the mother without splitting, and recombine with an other DNA from the male. The mother passes it on to the females who pass it on to other females on down the line in direct descent. However, the males do inherit it but cannot pass it on.

We can see why the Anunakki wanted so desperately to get that dose of mtDNA, even if they couldn’t pass it on they could just keep mating with their half sisters.

In the case of Gilgamesh since his mother was the Goddess Ninsun then he had inherited her regular DNA plus her mtDNA making him, as he claimed 2/3rd’s royal but he pushed this envelope by believing her story that his father was really Marduk, the first born son of Enki and Damkina. That would entitle him to near immortality according to our standards as a full blooded Anunakki, if it could be proven instead of just 2/3rd’s royal blood.

Since 1986 scientists have been able to trace modern humans ancestry to a mitochondrial “Eve” who lived in Africa some 200,000 years ago, this is challenged in some sectors but none the less we see evidence of a Tiamat as the first EVE which Ninmah also genetically engineered using her own DNA and that of Enki’s DNA wrapped into the DNA of a female hominid. We also now know that it is possible to have more than one mtDNA female ancestor in a pregnancy. Ninmah was one heck of a geneticist but we have inherited some inherent flaws genetically as well as she went through a lot of hit and miss experiments..hence images in ancient history of cyclops and other mutations. And speaking of tDNA Sitchin had so hoped to find the connections to the Anunakki through mtDNA testing of the remains of Queen Nin Puabi,

The Egyptian Goddess/Queen Nin Puabi

The Egyptian Goddess/Queen Nin Puabi

 an Egyptian Goddess who appears to be a descendant of Ninsun herself.

Scientists have also discovered that mtDNA is made of mitochondrions containing 37 genes arranged in a closed circle, like a bracelet. To me this sounds very much like the ancient symbol of the snake swallowing its tail signifying oneness and the importance of both the male and female/yin/yang in perfect balance and harmony with this imagery..the phallus and the vulva.


To move on with the story, another wife of Anu gave birth to a first born daughter whose name was Ninmah (later called Ninhursag among many other epithets) and the two siblings (Enki and Ninmah) were betrothed at birth to continue this royal line. However after they had planned for their marriage virtually their whole young lives on Niburu which Sitchin calls the 12th planet AKA planet of the crossing or planet of a million years), their father Anu broke this engagement and betrothed Enki to Alalu’s daughter Damkina. This broke Ninlil’s heart and she was, as one would expect devastated.

Anu’s second son Enlil born from Antu, his first wife and half sister usurped Enki’s standing as first born son. A lifelong conflict would begin most likely here, between the two half brothers with this very event and it is a battle we are still part of to this very day here on Mother Earth and all the duality we experience. We see this represented with the duality in the bible between the kind and loving face of God (Enki and/or Ninmah) and the violent God (Enlil) who becomes known to the best of ancient alien theory as Yahweh.

To make a very long story short the devastated Ninmah has sex with Enlil having lost her betrothal to her beloved Enki..personally for reasons I will share shortly I think she was probably plied with some sort of strong wine and date raped to put it mildly. She gives birth to a son, Ninurta who is now of very royal blood, as Enlil and Ninmah are half brother and sister. He does remained allied with the enlilites once on Earth.

Ninmah comes to Earth with 50 of her Goddess medical doctor apprentices, stopping enroute as I mentioned to commemorate Alalu’s death on Mars and there she carves the face we see in early Mars photos  with the use of some very sophisticated technology.Unknown-4 Ninmah as  I mentioned is an expert in genetics and all aspects of medical science known to the savants of Nibiru who tutored her, whom we refer to as the Anunakki from Sitchin’s, writings. She is also bringing with her genetic materials for a life of comfort on Earth along with ‘grape starts’ to cultivate wine and other crops and herbs on planet Earth. She also has the knowledge and recipe for how to make beer.

Ninmah now on Earth, has set up an elaborate medical center built for her by her half brother Enki and it is she who genetically engineers the Adamu. More on this in future blogs as well.


Ningishzidda and Enki face Ninmah. She holds Adamu, the hybrid Nibiran/Homo Erectus that Ninmah carried in her own womb. “My hands have made it! victoriously she shouted.”

Ninmah’s closest friend is one of her young goddess, doctor trainees named Sud. Enlil continues to badger Ninmah to marry him as this is the ultimate match for him, but their father, Anu has forbidden her to marry anyone, because of her transgression with Enlil, resulting in the birth of Ninurta. Patriarchy always makes it the women’s fault, right? But she rejects Enlil now once and for all, as she cannot marry her beloved Enki, nor does she wish to be married to anyone. She may be one of our first truly liberated female ancestors. She had already paid the price of Enlil’s jealousy and ardor. Preferring the affection of Enki even though he is married to Damkina who is also one of her closeest friends, she rejects Enlil as a lover/suitor who flies into a rage and is in a very foul mood because of this rejection. He sees the beautiful Sud out taking a stroll and he rapes her..good reason to think he raped Ninmah back on Nibiru. He is a violent man. This becomes a very big deal and a major ‘bruhaha’ takes place with the rank and file Anunnaki.

The penalty for rape on both Nibiru and now on Earth under the laws of the Anunakki is right up there with murder and the punishment is banishment. He is by strong decree sentenced to banishment forever and stripped of all rank and power. However, perhaps because she was pregnant too, this an assumption on my part, Sud comes up with a plan, she shares with the powers that be that if he, Enlil will marry her and make her his queen she will forgive him and all will be right within their world. The council agrees, reverses their decision and she marries Enlil and becomes his queen or as I like to say an Ancient Alien Goddess of the highest order, right up there with Inanna/Ishtar.


There is no reason to not see from the writings and evidence of this period interpreted by many that Enlil becomes the God worshipped in the bible as Yahweh.

Enlil had a violent intolerant streak and demands to this day according to the prevailing religions to be worshipped and obeyed but he clearly had a wife, a very strong and powerful wife, re-named Ninlil who changed the course of history and therefore they are the foundation of  what we refer to as the Abrahamic faiths..they being husband and wife.

 Just a few thousand years ago there would be found statuettes of the Shekina, the feminine in the god-head in every Jewish household. Shekhina represented compassion to her worshipers in its purest form, and despite being, officially, the female side of God, she was visible and audible as a feminine entity in her own right. Also to be remembered in the Jewish faith you cannot be deemed a Jew unless your Mother was a jew..still a remnant of a once matrilineal society. Even in those societies and religions that offer a more esoteric view of spirituality we see the duality such as yin and yang, push/pull, opposites that require one another in order to be and become.


asherah statue1 copy

I have found that whenever men report their view of history in any sector be it archaeology or other areas of science, women.. and here most specifically the goddesses such as Ninmah, Nammu, Innana/Ishtar, or the actual Creatrix Ninmah/Ninhursag, known as the Great Mother Goddess, or Ashera.

The goddess Asherah, was reviled by the authors of the Hebrew Bible as a foreign deity but SHE like the Shekina is considered by many modern scholars to have been popularly envisioned as the consort of biblical Yahweh. Wm. G. Dever calls his book, Did God Have a Wife? “a feminist manifesto � by a man,” and his work gives a new prominence to women as the custodians of Israel’s folk religion. Though the monotheistic faith and practice recounted in the Bible likely held sway among educated, elite men in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of Israelite religion was polytheistic, concerned with meeting practical needs, and centered in the homes of common, illiterate people.

The Goddess Isis is well known but not now as a great Goddess but as an acronym for a terrorist group. Would other religions stand for this if the acronym spelled the name of one of their Gods?

So many of the Goddesses that I will report about in future blogs that we never hear about except with rare exceptions seem to disappear or are reduced to fertility symbols or referred derogatorily in some demeaning way because of their sexual prowess and power over men such as Inanna/Ishtar.

Inanna AKA Ishtar

Inanna AKA Ishtar

Women therefore throughout history become conspicuous by their absence or the remnants of their temples and many of the artifacts have been decimated and destroyed..so much of this history has been demolished and is still being obliterated along with other significant sites where things have not been fully explored nor excavated. Why is the worship of the Great Mother such a threat? I guess it simply threatens the whole monopoly of power. However, I often share that the idea of matriarchy terrifies men because they worry that we women would do to them what they have done to us for thousands of years.

What is just as upsetting as the physical destruction of our past presence in history is the loss of opportunities..the lost opportunities of what women through the ages and right to this very day could be and could have contributed. We should remember Camille Claudel as we do Rodin, or have a great female composer as we do Bach and Mozart.

Behind every great man including he whom many call God there has always been a great Goddess. Isn’t it time that we are given our proper place in the great design and that is of an equal partner?




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