Egyptian Goddess Curated Collection

My husband Nazim and I have just returned from an amazing trip to Egypt which was my surprise Mother’s Day present from my Daughter Camilla and Son-in-law Stephen Forte.

We flew to Cairo, accompanied by my daughters Mother and Father in law, my granddaughter Gaby and her boy friend, Luki as this was a family vacation.

My daughter and Stephen arrived in Cairo before us and we caught up with them at the Meridian hotel at the Cairo airport.

After a brief respite we all headed by plane on Air Egypt to Aswan which is in the Upper Kingdom or what is also known as Nubia.


Our family was greeted by our Egyptologist, Bob Teleb (wearing the orange shirt in the photo above). Nazim took this photo at our first stop which was the old Cataract hotel  made famous on the Grand Tour by author extraordinaire, Agatha Christie who is, I must admit one of my all time favorites, especially the Poirot series.


One of the Poirot books and films is “Death on the Nile” and my husband and I watched the David Suchet version before we left. We actually got to see the type of suite she stayed in for several months while she wrote the book.

The hotel and grounds are an absolute marvel, As the Cataract hotel faces Elephantine Island from the rear where my family sipped Hibiscus, lemon and mint drinks called Nile Smiles and watched the serene Nile make its way past this luxurious hotel.

I have wanted to go to Egypt and take a Nile Cruise my whole life and have felt the pull of the Goddesses calling me there.


Last night one of our photographs from the trip[ virtually spoke to my creative juices and so I followed the call and designed a curated collection using one of our photographs which I translated to a unisex Modal Long Scarf, a wall hanging/tapestry, a men’s pocket square, a sheer wrap, a Sleeveless Top and a statement clutch. I have a feeling I will create more items as well as my tribute to the Goddess. This image depicts both Isis and her sister Nepythys with their wings in a protective position.  You can find my collection at my VIDA website

59220eafc7dc90197f2e6b4418582281_10212907987878257_7801608993650197361_nMy husband Nazim Artist and I seen above on the Giza Plateau with the pyramids behind use are both wearing the scarves I designed for our respective VIDA collections.

Both Nazim and I have VIDA websites and here I am wearing “Rainbow Hemp Leaf” which I translated from a painting by Nazim and Nazim is wearing Ulysses Blue Butterfly (repeat pattern) from his painting by the same name.

The scarves are made of 100% Modal which is vegan silk. They are very long and luxurious and can be wrapped as a turban or used as head scarves or simply left to fly as you see above. Once you have one on you simply don’t want to take it off as it feels so lovely.

Please visit our website and peruse the various artworks we share with you. We hope you like our creations as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

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