The Egyptian Hemp Goddess

The image below is of “Seshat” who is the Ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing. She has been seen as a scribe and record keeper, and her name means she who scrivens (i.e. she who is the scribe), and is credited with inventing writing. She also became identified as the goddess of architecture, astronomy, astrology, building, mathematics, and surveying.

I think the image below makes us wonder about how much intelligence and creativity this one goddess had to create all this knowledge…however the cannabis leaf above her head makes it abundantly clear to me that the hemp leaf we see in this image represents her elevated state of consciousness. It seems to be floating above her head, while still being connected to her.

Seshat_0 copy

Let’s all place “Sacred Feminine” front and center into our awareness and connect with this divine aspect daily. One of the ways I do this personally is by taking my nutritional Hemp Oil supplement from Prime My Body at least twice daily. Take it away from food, just before you begin your daily meditation, yoga or any other healing protocol. You can have a meal or snack 10 minutes later. In fact Prime My Body has a great Hemp shake superfood which you can have after your spiritual practice.


Cannabis or hemp as we know it by today is the oldest cultivated plant on Mother Earth!

The plant consciousnesses of Hemp connects us directly to the core of the Divine Feminine imperative which allow us to fully embody the Priestess role of serving Spirit in all practical and real ways.


For more on Seshat see 


Our divine male brothers and/or partners may do this as we form sacred partnerships with the other in order to achieve the balancing and harmony of their inner yin and yang.

Hemp has served the goddesses through the ages and has been one of her primary healing tools for body mind and sprit! Below is the Hemp Goddess Magu of Asia!

Magu-Asia copy

I know personally I am feeling so much more creative and balanced since I started taking my Prime My Body NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil every day! You can achieve this sacred feminine feeling of balance and harmony, too!

You may order here with a 30 day money back guarantee! I have researched the subject of the healing properties of cannabis for 3 years and now know without a shadow of a doubt that Prime My Body is THE best hemp oil product on the market and it is legal in all 50 states because it has no psychoactive components. It has a proprietary nano-enhanced lipsomal subligual delivery system thus making it a highly bio-available product. Check it out here:

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