The Ancient Alien Goddess Ereshkigal


Ereshkigal is one of the Goddesses that I suggest is an Anunakki Ancient Alien Goddess. Her name means Lady of the Great Place, she is usually thought to reign in the land of no return, but to learn more about this Goddess, I highly recommend the book, Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth ~ Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer where in the section called the “Descent of Inanna”   we meet the Goddess Ereshkigal , who is mourning the death of her husband. But she retains a great craving for sexual satisfaction.
 Kramer and Wolkstein present a different take on this mythology from the writings of Zecharia Sitchin who has chosen to translate the clay tables and cylinder seals as a historical record. Both translations give us a deeper view and allow us to go even further here and offer that these great Goddesses such as the Sumerian Anunakki Goddess Ereshkigal were indeed Ancient Alien Goddesses.

As I look at Ereshkigal I can’t help but think of a paper my friend Daniel Baruch Bollag just sent to me which he has published entitled, “Geometric Black Holes,  Are Black Holes the Female Organ of a Multiverse?” which includes a  very original kernel especially where it concludes with this hypothesis;

“…that ‘black holes’ anchor everything we know to be real, from planets, to stars, to even huge galaxies. They seem to be extending the very life and existence of our universe, through their healing properties, which seem to prevent our universe from simply ripping apart. In fact, black holes may be the reproductive organs {the Wombs} of an endless multiverse that exists way beyond our senses, but perhaps within the grasp of our imagination.”

I suggested this idea to my dear friend William Brown and he shared this with me about that:

“I can say that the black hole certainly is the feminine aspect in the cosmos, with the white hole being the masculine form, and together they form the black / white whole – which underlies the dynamics of all physical systems, from subatomic to cosmological.”

Ereshkigal’s underworld would certainly feel like a black hole to anyone who experiences Inanna’s descent but when Inanna is re-birthed from that womb life begins anew for her, she becomes the Shaman who resurrects herself and her new life.just like the “white hole” is the opposite of the black hole. The multiverse just seems to function best in paired opposites, like the notion of paired electrons. However some say that there is only one electron and it is everywhere at once. Are we both one and separate like the fabric of time and space? Is the Big Bang just one half of a heart beat in the great cosmic body? Do we start out whole as a mass and then explode a part (with the bang) and then become a whole again? As above so below….

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