Update on my Cancer treatment and fundraising needs!

Please see my Celestial Musings Blog for an update on my ongoing cancer treatments following my surgery at this link http://www.celestialmusingsblog.com and this is where folks can find the link to access our gofundme.com page. I appreciate everyone here taking the time to have a look at this as my symptoms are important to know about in case you experience these yourself and here you will see how my need for help at this time is so critical. Much love to everyone and hopefully I will see some of you at the Conscious Life Expo where I am participating on the ancient alien panel. If you can be there in person purchase tickets at the website which is http://www.conscioulifeexpo.com but if you would like to enjoy the live stream please use my affiliate link https://www.streamingforthesoul.tv/index.php?pageID=47&ref=278450 as this me helps financially, as well. Many thanks for your support and being here for Ancient Alien Goddesses.

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